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Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Canon Wireless Printer Setup | wireless printer

Canon wireless printer setup is too difficult task for that you need to visit wireless printer or you can call canon printer setup help @ 1-877-976-3987. As our technical team experts are too good in setting up all kind of printers, here we will tell you how to setup canon wireless printer.

For Canon Wireless Printer Setup Follow Below Steps:

  1. Turn ON your printer and click settings Icon on panel check printer screen and go to device settings.
  2. In LAN setting go to wireless LAN settings, press WPS button for 5 seconds then you see printer light is blinking.
  3. In select access point it will show you your WIFI name, if it’s not there you can find it by scrolling, select your WIFI network and enter password and hit OK.
  4. When it show connected you need to press Ok button.

Above steps will help you to connect canon printer with WIFI or Canon wireless printer setup.

To setup your canon wireless printer on your computer there are few steps below.

Make assured that your computer is on the same WIFI network as your printer. For your wireless printer to accept commands from your computer, both your computer and your printer must be connected to the same Wireless network. If your printer is connected to a different Wireless network than your computer, change your computer’s Wireless network before proceeding. You can also download your printer’s driver by visiting wireless printer.

If above steps are not working as it’s not too easy as it looks like, so for canon wireless printer setup you can also contact Canon Printer Setup Support Phone Number @ 1-877-976-3987 and get instant help to setup canon wireless printer by experts. We are independent support provider for canon printer so we provide 24 hour support for Canon wireless printer setup.

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